wednesday wallop #22 > between raindrops

what a day…what a week even! Thanks so much to all of you that have written or responded to the article…it has been, and is a lot of fun! I suppose I am not alone in the amping up of sports and various activities as Summer rolls its golden face our way. School is winding down, I have had some very cool things happen musically that I will be sharing with you a little later. However, for now, we must do the wallop # 22…and I must say, this was finished with some plates spinning in my private and social life that…well…made me feel somewhat acrobatic. Tonight for example – after a baseball game – I had to run to the kabobs on the weber grill, the rice in the kitchen, and down to studio pajamas for the last drum arrangements before vocals. The vocals on this are 1 take, 1 track – and somewhat unusual one might say. There is a morph using a vocoder that you’ll have to hear – better than me explain….drums and percussion bounce all over the place on this piece…right and left panning and effects everywhere, ghost notes abound…as far as the music goes – I messed around with the pitch bend and modulation a lot – it almost sounds Eastern at times – with something more than a scale – and less than a tune and I don’t mind…neither does my here it is between raindrops

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very cool


its a voice as instrument kind of a thing… 😀

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