wednesday wallop #24 > electro monk

OK – so this week we have the World Cup in full force. I never was much of a fan as far as watching soccer before I lived in Europe, but since then I have come to really appreciate the sport – and I have been keeping up with the games. What this means in terms of music production is that I have had a little less time in the studio than I might normally. No harm though – the WW must march on, and on it marches this week with a little something else. Lively percussion, processed guitar, synthesizers, house bass and drum, vocal choir, and a melody that keeps on going on. I also ran a snare drum sample as a clap effect – and at the end of the song actually utilized all 61 keys on my keyboard & in various configurations, extremely low, and high – with the very last thing you hear being the original sample. The sample is played properly only once thus. Why – you might ask, do I do this? I guess the answer is I like to experiment with sounds, I mean – this one snare sample sounds like claps, thunder and a gunshot – as well as as picking teeth and even a snare drum in the space of 30 seconds…isn’t sound cool? Plus, how else would I end up with electro monk

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