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I don’t know if I have ever mentioned this, but when I set out to do this project of writing a song (or wallop) a week, the only caveat or parameter was that I will not do cover songs, or songs other people wrote. All “pieces” must be original. Every thing else is pretty much open. Music, spoken word, songs, all formats / styles – whatever captures the old muse. I am at the half way point – and continue to enjoy myself immensely. A lot of very cool things have happened since I started this project. I have had offers from publicity folks, musicians…collaborated with various artists, done commercial jingles and even got signed to a very cool New York agency that has a broad and impressive client list…but more on that later. This week we have a rather unusual piece called a voice. It is a kind of spoken word format with percussion, synths and a rather unorthodox musical bed. A voice is really something to be in awe of – we all have them – externally and internally, and they can offer great blessings – and the potential for great wrath. how are you using yours?

a voice

a voice is a curious thing
to give one hope – to break a dream
to pick one up – to knock one down
send a smile send a frown
a voice is a curious thing

a voice is a curious thing
you can bring it high – you can make it swing
sing maybe or go low on the right suss
a lot to show a voice…curious

a voice is a curious thing
in just the note nobody wrote
you understand the man, the soul, the roles, faces – places – time
a voice is a curious thing

a voice is a curious thing
asking answers chances taking breaking loving
shoving vocally a threat, get out – come in, win, buy sign fly go
a voice is a curious thing

pray stay lie curse verse
song sing kings queens means
screams whispers listen…
a voice is a curious thing

a voice is a curious thing
man makes a plan stand tall
fight – right? promise much?
such a thing, a voice…curious


a voice is a curious thing (3X)

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