wednesday wallop #27 > getting stronger

so here we are in the big summer 4th of July break. I really hope each and every one of you is having a great time this summer! Funny little side story, this was actually one of the weeks I wondered about when I decided to do this project last year. The reason why is that I knew – or thought I knew at least, we would go out of town over the 4th (we did) and going up North where there was no recording studio (there isn’t) how could I deliver the wallop? Impossible!… I thought, better not even try, forget the whole thing. Then again – I could just get the idea down before I go – and tweak out the rest Wed when I get back. And so I did. I am kind of shrugging my shoulders on this one – I am happy with the groove – drums and bass – and there are several very heavily arpeggiated instruments – maybe too much motion – maybe not…dunno…played with vox, no vox, choral vox, vocoder, djembe, sound effects – and here we ended…a kind of stream of consciousness thing; getting stronger

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I like this kind of stuff. I do not think there is too much motion at all. Do more plz.

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