wednesday wallop #30> pigs preach

be warned oh wayfaring stranger or friend…this weeks piece will not be for the weak of nature. The germ concept for this song is built around the idea that there are those who are fake, divisive, evil and liars…and they make a living on teaching others to be twice the children of hell they are. Spiritually I believe the false teachers and preachers are every bit as odious as the sonics represented in the bridge (nothing personal mr swine). Preach in this context is to “publish or proclaim openly”…and this is not limited to church. Many musicians, for example, preach death in their wanton debauched lyrics. No surprise eh? Highly politicized party people – social engineering dolts, Godless creed screeding teachers, false scientists, pagan spiritualist weirdos, and of course – the hypocrite in church. You get the idea. So – we have some unusual sonics in this little number – including a live piece delivered by a local swine… theramin esque modulated oscillated drums weaving serpentine among a simple melody, an oozing bass line synth, truly a heavy dose of electronic nourishment indeed…fresh and free as it ought to be…the mix is a rumblin – so if you have any decent speakers you should be able to swim in it. stream pigs preach

pigs preach

its bad when they speak
they feed on the weak

pigs preach

in sin they delight
their lies we must fight

pigs preach

tyrant sin obeyed
they all soon shall fade
watch out here they come again

(pig speaks)

its bad when they speak
they prey on the weak

pigs preach

be warned and be wise
and Christ will be with you

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musician, videographer, new media specialist, producer, imaginator

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Dude seriously, that is too, too far out…


😀 why thank you.


so…how do you work the pig in live?



I don’t.



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