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yesterday I sat down with a fairly clear idea of what I was going to do, and then I started recording “my Lord Christ” to save for later (a kind of musical note), and I ended up recording this first take and running with it. The inspiration for this song is from a poem by Hall (below)hall poem I will readily admit – I don’t know that I have a voice to carry a Capella, I will also admit I hit some questionable notes…but I figured in the name of a first take we’ll keep it (you can also hear my lyrics fall during the song). I originally had a click track going for tempo and I completely ignored it during the take…dunno why, but I can tell you from a drummers perspective it was hard to do. I ended up adding light pads, but in the end I get the basic song idea there…I hope. I have also added a plate from Bruegel this week – entitled The Descent Into Limbo, and without getting into controversies regarding the Apostles creed and what it means by descending into hell, the possibility of limbo, or figurative and literal hell – I think we can all agree that Christ conquered death and hell with His death on the cross…do I hear an AMEN? In Bruegel’s conception (click to enlarge) Jesus enters hell as the divine and invincible liberator, with Him are 9 angelic musicians…despite his divinity He is still the newly risen, or newly descended one with feet unshod, wearing only a loincloth and cloak, nail holes mark his foot and hands.My Lord Christ

if you want to see the lyrics go here christ in hell

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