wednesday wallop #37 > the bus ensemble

what a week…what a couple of weeks – traveling around, meeting folks, seeing sights, eating weird food…ooh yeah. Because I am on the road I decided to try some new mobile tools. I am writing on a newly acquired mac laptop, muse fuse offered by an oxygen 8 usb keyboard…and of course the mac suite of goodies, including garage band – which I had never used before this week. I have been experimenting frantically with many things mobile because in order for me to keep up my wallop I had to do some learning on the publishing front…long story short I have written a rather different something this week… – orchestral really, strings, flute, tympani, some synths, piano – and I also shot a video with my mobile phone…kind of a “day in the life” low fi thing (i-movie was too tempting to pass up) so without further ado here is the bus ensemble

if you want to see the video – just click on the arrow below, enjoy the end where I ran into a guy going to my hotel room (after I ran up the stairs), also – the shot of me at the end in my hotel room was basically a mistake – I was trying to figure out this mac navigation and ended up doing a video of myself…might as well leave it right? One note on the arrows, just do one at a time… (mp3 stream above) OR the other (video stream below) – because they will both play at the same time if you click them both, and they are meant to be played independently.

[flashvideo filename= /]

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Nice direction, please do more videos.


tx – well, on the vids – who knows, stranger things have happened…I actually have a few idea that I have wanted to work on – but what happens is it comes down to time constraints..


What a great piece of work, man, on a cell phone lol, looks like a nice sunrise kudos!


well – i just listened to the mix for the first time at home – not in the studio yet, but on our klipsch set up and it seems the bass is pretty heavy – I mixed this on ear buds :-0, point being – if one waits for the perfect moment – that moment will likely not come, I like hi def like anyone – but I didn’t have that possibility.

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