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what a difference a week makes…my friends…:-D, this song came about rather effortlessly – which for me is an encouragement after last weeks “wall” . You know the old photography saying – you are only as good as your last shoot? I wonder (in art – or music), if it would be better to say you are only as good as your best song? When I started this journey (many months ago) early on I wrote a song that garnered a lot of very positive feedback, and – you know – then you hit your valleys. You got your ups and downs…your mountaintops and your valleys…mostly valleys, just like life. Why wouldn’t our work reflect that? I am more and more convinced it is a strange back and forth between inspiration and work ethic when it comes to songwriting / music or art. The key is one of volume and sweat…sounds fun eh? Anyway – when I wrote that song those many months ago I felt that no matter what else happened I would feel as though I have accomplished a good thing. Since then I have had several songs – which have opened new doors – and may open more as time allows, all making the process worthwhile in retrospect. This weeks song features a rhodes thang, upbeat guitar, a snare that acted as a timbale and assorted other percussion, djembe, etc etc as always I kept primarily first takes, for several reasons – among them time was running out (what else is new) and it adds a kind of spontaneity, even if there is an occasional mistake – I guess I prefer the non – hermetically sealed (if you will)….also – I have found almost always my best takes are the first one. This is to you, and for you – and I hope you enjoy it

my friend

every nite and every day
no matter what they say
because you’re my friend i know it’s all gonna be ok

if i’m high and if i’m low and if i don’t know
i know it gives me a boost just to know
you’re always gonna show

maybe that’s why i thought i’d try
and get it down in a song and give my words wings and see
if they will fly

anyway today this songs for you
you know and you knew it as a friend your true
and i’ll play it anyway

talkin bout my friend (2x)

well yesterday i laughed till i cried
when you did what you did with that sparkle in your eye
and its all right

you fight for whats right
you won’t sell out for a lie
and your always ready with your arms open wide

forever and a day i pray that you’ll stay my friend
til the end cause you’re the best friend
the good Lord ever could send

talkin about my friend (2X)

talkin bout my friend

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I love it! Very uplifting song. I have to say the start threw me. When did you get a Rhodes?


“During World War II (after the battle of the Bulge), the Air Surgeon General asked Rhodes, by now America’s most popular piano teacher, to devise a musical therapy program for convalescing GI’s. At a loss to know where to get enough pianos, Rhodes hit upon the brilliant idea of using Air-Force surplus parts from U.S. bombers to make miniature “lap-top” piano kits the troops could build for themselves” Cool bit of history there!
You continue to amaze me with your creativity and love the message.. my Friend.


😀 – indeed Lance – you know it! That is some cool history, funny how often a problem is just an OFI (opportunity for improvement) in the waiting…depends on how you see the “problem”- eh? Thanks for stopping by!


Very nice man, is this a one man band thing? Whew.


thanks – yeah one man band with the help of studio wizardry… wink wink nudge nudge…


I like this, thumbs up!


thanks a bunch 🙂

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