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I had plans this week, and, well, even the best laid plans can go awry…wait – I like the saying “it is a bad plan that admits no modification” better. I was working on several different ideas – went searching in my archive for something, and ended up here. The guitar bit is a tweaked remnant from a cable tv project that was done some time back…re purposed and edited for this tune. The song lyrics were written some time back, with the intention of doing a CC Music Factory type production that I thought would finally allow me the use of my Kawai XD5 zap kick drum…alas, I dropped the bridge and used the lyrics here. What we have this week is pretty straightforward; acoustic guitar, vocals and a drum loop….oh yeah – we also have a little synth on the outro. Originally I was planning on the drum loop being replaced – but ended up liking its unobtrusive, repetitive nature. I also had a piano solo – but 86’d that. I find myself lately doing more subtractive rather than additive production…just trying to get the thing to its bare bones essence. This song has some legs I think – it can certainly do with more work – but it will have to do, even in its fragmentary state. Regarding feeling and love – I will be the first to champion love is first a decision – however – we are created to feel, and I know we all have had moments we have enjoyed in storge, philio, eros or agape which I believe we are created to celebrate feel your love

feel your love
in my heart in my soul
in my bones ohh yes i know
i can feel your love
i can really feel your love

in my pleasure in my pain
in all the worlds changing ways
i can feel your your love
such a sweet sweet love

in my hopes in my dreams
in this moment oh its happening
i can feel your love
i can really feel your love

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I love it!


thanks – glad you liked it

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