wednesday wallop #46 > hounds of heaven

Kinda funky jammy this week allright? Just kinda. There are some new sounds happening, wah clav, a vibraslap, a ride bell (don’t hear enough of em IMO), ample horns, with a sax solo, and synth kind of doing a call / answer thing…probably got a little busy witht the djembe – but onward we must go eh? The song is about 2:19 +/-, as far as song length goes this is pretty short, so ummm anyway…I experimented with a demo software item – that rather than get into the details – I’d rather see if ya’ll know what it might be, those who know will hear it… :-)…the song itself should be self explanatory, and if not – just write and ask if you want clarification…as always I welcome your input / ideas / views / thoughts on how I can improve my craft, or anything you might be thinking in general. It was, to be honest, a little hurried this week, I had a 1001 distractions – but feel like this is presentable, so here my friends, for your streaming pleasure; hounds of heaven

…and lyrics below;

hounds of heaven
heeey how long you gonna run from the only one
who truly dared to love you?
waaay over field and stream you run with your eyes wide
and your head spinnin round

woooh now the swift dogs over stone and bush
after you straying with loud barking rush
oooh you rise and run double and run staggering
but where where where for escape?

you can flee the 4 corners
and the blue seas 7
but you can’t get away from the hounds of heaven
you can’t get away from the hounds of heaven


well there’s fear shame empty heart and lack
lost love and a thousand at their back

see lost indeed – escape is none now here they come
streaming at your track

well or you could take the hand of the sheperd king
and you can go and fall into a safe sweet sleep….yeahahhh yeah

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Hounds like fame?




I totally hear a Flintstone run effect on the bongos after the part where you say “here they come streaming at your track” was that intentional?


well – it wasn’t planned that way – but I like the interpretation…

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