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Thanksgiving week again already? Wow – feeling an increased g force as time flies by. I hope each and every one of you has a relaxing and blessed Thanksgiving. Thinking about it, I saw recently on a church billboard, every day is a day for thanksgiving, and I would have to agree… but since we as a nation are in the throes of this celebration – might as well observe right? For this weeks song I have to admit I was somewhat challenged on several fronts – lyrically, production wise, the drums…what you say, drums? Yeah – really I couldn’t land on any kind of straight back beat on the kit and ended up with a kind of compromised percussy thing…but it is what it is – further we have some board and guitar, an effect or two and voila a song themed loosely around the occasional valley of life . We have another short song this week – 2:20 +/-, it must be the weather. So, without any more delay, here is oh Lord

oh Lord
oh my little prayer bird seems turned to stone
from my heart won’t fly or run no

i can’t feel Lord as i should
but i’m willing make me good yeah

oh Lord you hear me
oh Lord you find my hope safe now
oh Lord you find me
oh Lord your coming i’m safe now ohhhh

oh dear Father can you please help me
take this poor bird and give it wings

look deep deeper in my heart and there
beyond what i feel heed my prayer

oh Lord you find me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now
oh Lord you found me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now


oh Lord you find me
oh Lord you found me i’m safe now
oh Lord you found me
oh Lord you found me not afraid now

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Cool lyrics!


thank you for listening

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