wednesday wallop #48 > snowshine

This week I was listening to the “mountain” by Eric C, who is French – and either lives in the French Alps, or was inspired by them when he created the sound I used for snowshine – he has a nice free refill (for you reason users) with many usable sounds…well done Eric!! The actual name of the patch (sound I selected) is “viso”- which is a mountain in Italy – which isn’t French – but hey what do you do? Unfortunately there was not a “matterhorn” selection – as I have enjoyed skiing there (was a blast)… so where am I going with this? Well, this weeks wallop has the viso synth (initially), hoppy drums, bells, echoing perc, some unusual guitar work in the middle section, poly-rhythms, and both bass guitar and sub bass – in fact – if you don’t have decent speakers you might not be able to handle the initial bass – as it is quite “sub – normal”…that’s what happens when you climb those mountainous peaks friends… :-)! I am entering December this week – seeing the finals weeks of the weekly wallop…and then what? Well – I hope some very good things indeed! At the moment I am in the middle of several interesting newsworthy items – but will hold off on details until more “presentable” info is available… Till later… snowshine

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