wednesday wallop #50>the night before

Joseph was tired as he leaned against the rock…thoughts buzzed around his head and he was sweaty and dirty. He had just traveled about 80 miles over desert like terrain with his pregnant fiance on mule. One thought he considered was the fact that he did not make his betrothed pregnant…he believed it was part of Gods plan – but people were talking. Then there was this cave like rock his bride to be Mary was going to deliver the baby…couldn’t even get a room…on top of that there was a crazy king named Herod – that had rumors spreading he was going to find and kill this so called chosen son, son of God,…Emmanuel. Joseph was tired, afraid and very much wondering what would happen next. This weeks wallop has a bit of this view in the sonic aspect…there are 4 movements:

snake charmer exit
the din
bated breath

the night before

also I am joined with my brother in law Dennis on some guitar styling (thank you!)

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