well – it’s been a great time in NL!

we have been in Holland for 5 days and it has been really incredible. If you are here for the first time – feel free to look at the music section, where I post songs that are more or less finished. I think the most popular song I have done so far is “Glorious Day”… keep in mind, I have written a variety of songs…and I try to do the self – production thing…stylistically I really don’t have a hard direction yet, and even the next song I do this Wednesday is up in the air. I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you want to drop a line, it is always nice to hear from visitors. One more comment – I have just discovered that in Holland my streaming button does not show up – not sure why this is – but it forces a download if you want to hear anything…I am putting it on my “to do” list for things to fix.

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