what you do VS who you are

As a recently laid off Christian Education Counselor and teacher – I find myself with some time for reflection. Oswald Chambers mentions that as Christian workers it is not so much what we do (the activity or occupation we are involved in) but who we are that is important. The important focus is our walk with God and the atmosphere created by that relationship. The obvious result here will be that we bring the sweetness of Christ wherever he chooses to put us – even if we don’t work in a church. This is a kind of free translation of what Christ said when he instructed his disciples not to rejoice in good work – but that their names are written in heaven, and they are rightly related to Him. I am not unemployed – I am self employed, I suppose, and wondering where God will bring me next… and believe it or not – as happy as I have ever been in my entire life.

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Josh Paciorek

Good to hear ol hill. Hey, since your self employed and probably have a little time on your hands, check this clip out and pick up the movie nixon. Get in touch with ya soon

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