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Christian service is not our work; loyalty to Jesus is our work.

Whenever success is made the motive of service, infidelity to our Lord is the inevitable result. (Luke 10:20)

The curse of much modern Christian work is its determination to preserve itself.

Beware of the temptation to compromise with the world, to put their interests, their needs, first – “they have kindly become interested in our Christian work, given so much time to it, now let us winsomely draw them in” they will winsomely draw you away from God.

If my life as a worker is right with God I am not concerned about my public pose – using discreet terms that will impress people; my one concern in public and private is to worship God.

Never interfere with God’s providential dealings with other souls. Be true to God yourself and watch.

Beware of Christian activities instead of Christian being. The reason workers come to stupendous collapses is that their work is the evidence of a heart that evades facing the truth of God for itself – “I have no time for prayer, for Bible study, I must always be at it”.

We constantly ask “am I of any use?”. If you think you are it is questionable whether you are being used by the Holy Spirit at all. It is the things that you pay no attention to that the Holy Spirit uses.

Your dead set determination to be of use never means half so much as the times you have not been thinking of being used, a casual conversation, an ordinary word, while your life was “hid with Christ in God”.

Nothing hoodwinks us more quickly than the idea we are serving God.

How do I deal with a sinful soul? Do I remember who I am, or do I deal with him as if I was God?


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